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"Leadership is like beauty: it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it." 
– Warren Bennis

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Managing Transitions: Making the Most Of Change

Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change
by William Bridges and Susan Bridges

The business world is transforming. Stories of layoffs, bankruptcy, mergers, and restructuring appear in the news every day. When these changes hit the workplace, the actual situational shifts are often not as difficult for employees and managers to work through as the psychological components that accompany them ...
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The case for meeting face-to-face

Face-to-face meetings are becoming rare due to the time and various expenses involved in organizing and holding them, and advancements in technology like videoconferencing that are thought to be more cost-effective. But face-to-face meetings provide the best opportunities to effectively develop transparency and trust in your organization. Trust is an integral part of all business relationships and building trust comes from having repeated personal interactions with one another. 

When tasks and decisions are complex, when there is a need for outcomes that require consensus, coordination, timing and the persuasion of others, face-to-face communications are the most effective channel.

High Impact Meetings with Return-On-Investment (ROI)

Meetings, planning sessions, retreats, conferences ... whatever the focus or format, face-to-face meetings mean a significant investment of time and money. The overriding question for your organization is:

How do we make the most of this limited and extremely valuable time?

Recalibrate meeting design and facilitation services will add significant value to what you would be able to accomplish without outside assistance. Key elements for a high impact meeting include ensuring you have:

  • The right people attending
  • The right agenda developed
  • The right pre-work selected/completed in advance
  • The right processes for engaging people and attaining desired outcomes
  • The right documentation that supports action planning and follow up.
  • A comprehensive report for future reference and guidance

Recalibrate works with you to ensure:

  • Clear goals for the session
  • A customized agenda and facilitation approach that addresses your unique requirements and needs
  • Innovative ideas and approaches are identified/utilized that can save time or produce better results
  • Engaging session facilitation that keeps the group on task, on target, and on time
  • All note-taking is handled, including production of a post-meeting report documenting the session and action items agreed to

Meeting Mission Accomplished

The proper investment will help bring out the best in your people, bond teams together, create breakthrough thinking, result in your people feeling more inspired, and build trust and stronger business relationships.